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Opening Day of Little Mermaid ride ^o^ <3333333

hiya guys!! long time no post XD

well, as some of you may know I am a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE little mermaid fan and when I heard afew years back that there would be a little mermaid ride, I decided to go to the opening XD so me and and few of my friends and family went to the opening and it WAS AWESOME!!!!! the ride is fantastic!!! so beautiful!!! and yes we waited about an hour or two to get on the ride (the line started at the front gates of Cali adventure.) btw there were TONS of little mermaid fans there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never seen so many! and I even saw afew cosplayers!!! younge and old it was amazing :D

Even went on a shopping spree <33333333333
anywho heres some pics (no spoilers pics promise) :D

heres the flyers:
littlemermaidridemerch3.jpg  littlemermaidridemerch4.jpg

P1010020.jpg P1010020.jpg  
P1010020.jpg  P1010022.jpg
P1010005-1.jpg  P1010057.jpg

made it in!!!!!!!!!! me (the curly haired one) and my friend XD
picsatdisneyland8.jpg  picsatdisneyland4.jpg

Onto the items ^-^

I have afew friends who are annual passholders and work at disneyland so I was able to get the exclusive annual pass holder items. the rest of the items I purchased at a gift shop right next to the entrance/exit of the little mermaid ride. this store is the ONLY store that has exclusive little mermaid stuff. shells in pics are from the orange county swap meet!

Limited Edition Little mermaid ride Opening Day pin
Limited Edition Little mermaid blue cellar pin for passholders
Little mermaid ride pin
little mermaid world of color pin (only pin traders have these, you cant purchause them)

Little Mermaid Passholder Coin (only 2011 were made)
littlemermaidridemerch5.jpg littlemermaidridemerch6.jpg  

And the crown jewel, the LIMITED EDITION Little Mermaid ride pin collector book!!!!! only 500 were made~~~~~~
This book contains 10 pins that you cannot purchase anywhere else!!!!!! it also is concept art for the actual ride!!!!! its beautiful! take a look ^-^

littlemermaidridemerch7.jpg  littlemermaidridemerch8.jpg

So yep there are me pics!!! and my new items :D If you guys would like to see some recent updated pics of my collection go to my deviant art site! here:

Hope you all like!!! and you all NEED TO GO!!!!!!!  Later tadders :3
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