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Arielcon Pacifica 2006

Last year I made sure I kept everyone informed about ArielCon. This year I didn't do a very good job. Arielcon Pacifica 2006 is October 13-15 -- that's right, this weekend! I'm so sorry I have been so late...

In fact, I'm so late that the itinerary has already been posted -- so without further adieu, here it is, direct from Anita:

Hey all!  Here it is!  The much awaited, ever changing, Arielcon Pacifica itinerary!  WhoooooHoooooo!  Print it quick before it changes again!
Friday October 13th (So who thought this was a good idea?)
10 a.m.  Meet in front of City Hall
10:45 March up main street and go see Ariel in her Grotto!
11:45  Go to small world and wave to all the mermaids
1 p.m.  All go eat lunch together at the Restaurant Zocalo.
After this we will all go to Pirates and hang with Captain Jack.
4 p.m.  This is a biggie!!!!  We are all going to celebrate Ariels Birthday at the Plaza Inn.  Everyone gets their own birthday cake to decorate and of course there will be fabulous prizes to award.
Free time for everyone for a bit after this and then we are going to meet up for parade viewing in front of coke corner
on main street at 6:45.  Parade starts at 7:30.
After the parade I am going to turn everyone loose to do whatever they wish.  I think that we should all consider a ride on "the nightmare before christmas"ride on Friday the 13th, don't you?  Maybe thats why this itinerary has had soooo many problems!!!!!!!
Disneyland is open until midnight tonight and hopefully will not get too busy until the evening.
Saturday, October 14th
10 a.m.  Meet in the lobby of the Animation Area in the Hollywood backlot. 
10:30 a.m.  Go into the Sorcerers room and Philo will lead a class in drawing for us.
11:30 a.m.  We will all head over to the new Monsters Inc. attraction and get scared.
12:30 a.m.  Time for tower of terror!  Hey!  At least we aren't riding it on Friday the 13th. 
1 p.m.  Meet up for lunch at a place to be named in the next few days (still working on some things)  And receive an exciting mission to accomplish.  And we will also do our gift exchange at this time.  Make sure it is something Ariel and do not spend over $10 bucks.  Creative wrapping is always fun!
3 p.m.  Everyone must go Soarin!
7 p.m.  I will be in front of the Sun to collect your camera and your missions.
And that is the basic itinerary.  Disneyland is open until 12 midnight again and they are running two fantasmics, at 9 and at 10:30.  The fireworks are at 9:25.  As far as admission, I would suggest a park hopper for Saturday since California Adventure is only open until 9. 
Sunday, October 15th
10 a.m.  Meet at the Howard Johnsons in the conference room and watch the new and improved version of the Little Mermaid.  And of course we will watch all the extras!!!
I will hand out all the pictures and awards and if anyone wants to play a round or two of pretty pretty princess we can do that as well!!!  We have the room until 2 o'clock so we have plenty of time to have fun. 
I think that is it for this hour...... :)  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to this!  The only thing that I ask is if you are local and under the age of 16 to please have a parent accompany you.  If you have not let me know that you are coming please do as soon as possible so that I know your shirt size and can make your name tag.
The cost of this is $50.00 per person and this included a seriously awesome goody bag, the birthday celebration on Friday and all the great prizes that you are going to get.  You can pay me when we all get there!
And once again as we always say, this is in no way affiliated with the Disney Company, its just a bunch of really fun people who love the mermaid movie getting together to have a great time.
I think thats it for now!
Sea ya!
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