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Ariel Drawing and Video

I work as a substitute teacher for a local private school, and the other day while working with the kindergarden classes, we had the chalk out and were drawing pictures.  The kids know I can draw and giving me the chalk, asked me to draw something for them.  To be honest, I didn't know what exactly I wanted to draw, so I drew the first thing that came to mind: a face.  Now, I wasn't aiming for any particular person, just a face and I was going to leave it at that.  The second I was finished, all the girls came running over and started shouting, "Ariel! She drew Ariel!"

So, I guess I drew Ariel, lol. Makes me wonder if I knew I was drawing her, or if it was simply a coincidence...?

The best part, though, was the fun I had with the girls when it came to getting them to talk to me about Ariel and the movie, The Little Mermaid.  Theses girls range from five to six years old, and it makes me wonder if I would have given the same explanation of the movie if you had asked me when I was that age.

That being said, I bring pictures of the drawing, which the girls colored in and added to, and a video of them coloring and answering questions about the movie.  I thought it was cute, so I wanted to share!


Here is my "Ariel".  The girls colored her in once I was finished, and I'll admit, with the pink hair I do see our mermaid pincess.  I think it was her hair, more specifically her bang, that makes her look like Ariel.

Group photo of the girls who colored Ariel in.  I feel like a terrible teacher, because I only can remember the name of the girl on the left, Geena.  In my defense, I've never been in kindergarden, so all the kids-girls and boys-were new to me.

To finish off her look, one of the girls took it upon herself to draw the rest of Ariel's body.  At first, she stopped with Ariel's waist, ignoring the tail until her friends commented on it.

The finished product.  I have to say, I had a lot of fun with the girls and took pride with my start of Ariel and their finished version. 

Please forgive the shaky camera.  I had children running in front of me, behind me, and it's a miracle I didn't drop my camera while shooting this.  Due to the fact that it's really hard to understand what is being said, what with the girls talking and screaming over each other, I'll do my best to transcribe out conversation about Ariel and the movie.  Also, I'm going to just group the girls together as "Girls".

Me: Are you guys...you guys are coloring in her face now?

Girls: Yeah, doesn't...[she/it look pretty-I'm assuming this is where they were going with that]

Girls: So pretty! SO PRETTY! IT's Ariel!

Me: So who is it?

Girls: Ariel!

Me: Where does Ariel live?

Girls: In the ocean!

Me: Who are her friends?

Girls: In the ocean.

Me: No who...who are her friends?

Girls: Uh...Seastian? [girls squeal] No! Yeah! Sebastian the crab! And Flounder.

Me: And Flounder.  What is Flounder?

Girls: A fish!

Me:He's a fish.  Who-

Girls: ...and the King!

Me: There's a king, is that her dad?

Girls: [all talking over each other] Yeah, he's her dad.

Me: What is Ariel? Is she a...what?

Girls: Mermaid! Mermaid!

Me: She's a mermaid. And what happens to her?

Girls: [all talking over each other, one mumbles] She turns into a human.

Me: Why?

Girls: Because...she wants to.

Me: She wants to...did she...

Girls: He love her.

Me: Did she save somebody?

Girls: Yes.

Me: Who did she save?

Girls: Her prince!

Me: What's his name?

Girls: Eric!

Me: Eric.  And what is Eric, is Eric a mermaid?

Girls: [squeal] No!

Me: No?  What is he?

Girls: A human!

Me: He's a human?

Girls: Yeah! [one girl calls Eric a penguin] A penguin?

Me: A penguin? Eric's not a penguin!

Girls: He's a human! He's a human.

Me: He's a human.

Girls: He's a people. [all talking over each other]...people on the ship, and then he fall into the water so Ariel saves him.

Me: Ariel saved him, that's right. And...what?

Girls: He a boy!

Me: He's a boy? And did they fall in love?

Girls: Yes! Yeah!

[after that, your guess is as good as mine!]

Yes, I realize that there are three lj cuts. I've tried numerous times to fix this, but lj is not cooperating with me at the moment. Each of the cuts work,though. But I apologize this, and will attempt to fix it if I can.
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