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Favorite of Ariel's Sisters and mispronunciation of Andrina's name

Aloha! Which one of Ariel’s sisters do you like most and why? You can even pick more than one if you like. In the same post so I'm not double posting, any of them that you dislike and why?

For me, my favorites would probably be Andrina and Aquata with Alana at a close third. I really like the way Alana included Ariel in Eel-etric-city and protected her after the storm hit. As for Andrina and Aquata, I’ve loved them ever since I first listened to “Ariel and the Mysterious World Above!” I LOVED the way they all took time for her and told her all those stories. I even liked Arista’s story even though she’s not a favorite of mine although she’s slowly growing on me. I always thought Andrina and Ariel would have been close, so that’s how I’ve always written them in all my TLM stories. The same goes for Aquata.

Speaking of Andrina, my niece read me “Ariel and the Birthday Surprise” and I noticed something right away. They spelled Andrina’s name wrong! They spelled it Adrina instead. It was really annoying and I knew it wasn’t Brooke’s fault. She was just pronouncing it the way she saw it. I showed her “Ariel the Spy” to point out how Andrina’s name is supposed to be spelled. They spell it right in all the novels and say it right in the movie and the TV Series as well as the read-along. What happened with this particular book? I also didn’t understand why the book was originallly supposed to be either about Aquata or Alana and they changed it to Adella at the last minute. But that’s for another entry. Speaking of Adella, she’s the only one of Ariel’s sisters I don’t really like. She doesn’t have a lot of depth to her and we don’t really see her interacting with Ariel that much in the series or a lot in the novels.She’s also too vein for my liking.
What about the rest of you?
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